Daniel Silber Home

Written, Directed, and Edited by Daniel Silber.
Director of Photography: Michel Dierickx
Cast: Elaine Tan, Jonathan Smart

Director's Notes
We only had one day and 200 feet of 16mm stock to shoot this film... that?s less than 5 minutes of raw film stock to make a 3 minute film – great pressure, but also great fun!
It was shot in London. The day before the shoot the lead actor cancelled. So, I called around, and a friend of a friend, who had never acted before, took the part of “the man” in the film. Also, on the set, we rewrote the story to be told from the point-of-view of the girl, rather than the man, as I had scripted it originally.
Later, during the sound design, I remember running around the recording studio with a hundred light bulbs in my laundry basket (the prop that was also used in the film). People thought I was crazy to buy a lifetime's supply of light bulbs…

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